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XDynamics Creators | Beyond Visuals HK

John Huang and Blair Sugarman have been shooting with the EVOLVE 2 on many projects this past year. Their studio, Beyond Visuals HK is comprised of five internationally-recognized Hong Kong-based photographers who go beyond traditional photography in order to capture some of the most amazing and iconic images from Hong Kong and around the globe. John, Blair and the team are forces to be reckon with when it comes drone photography and their work has been recognized in several top publications, film festivals and more.

Most recently, John and the Beyond Visual crew won AirVuz Drone Video of the Week for their aerial short film, Busy Life in Hong Kong. The film was shot using the EVOLVE 2 with the micro 4/3 sensor and interchangeable lens to showcase the busy and bustling life of Hong Kong.

Hear more from John and Blair on their experience shooting with the EVOLVE 2 and be sure to visit www.beyondvisuals.hk and follow them on Instagram @beyondvisualshk for more EVOLVE 2 footage.

John Huang
Photographer & Videographer

Instagram: @jsrpixel

Blair Sugarman
Photographer & Videographer

Instagram: @blairsugarman1

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