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bitsensing’s to Participate in CES 2022

Showcasing the Revolutionary 4D Imaging Radar Solution, AIR 4D, to Transform Autonomous Driving

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 28, 2021 – bitsensing announced that it will be attending CES 2022 in Las Vegas, held from January 5th to 8th, 2022.

bitsensing will be showcasing its 4D imaging radar solution AIR 4D in Eureka Park, as part of Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab Outside program member. A live demo of the solution will be presented on site to show the powerful performance, also named as the CES 2022 Innvation Awards Honoree.

“Developed based on our years of dedicated expertise in automotive chipset development, AIR 4D delivers unmatched performance to accelerate the era of autonomous driving,” said Dr. Jae-Eun Lee, CEO of bitsensing. “We look forward to the event and meeting world-class automotive companies to together vision in bringing ultimate reliability and convenience to driving experience.”

bitsensing’s 79GHz AIR 4D produces elite high-resolution 4D imaging and aids in autonomous driving collision avoidance to drastically reduce crashes and fatalities occurring on the roads today. AIR 4D is designed to transform autonomous driving and improve the way all vehicles understand their surroundings. AIR 4D delivers reliable detection beyond 300 meters and wide Field of View as well as high-resolution point clouds, longer detection range, greater accuracy, and more reliable object classification.

bitsensing’s AIR 4D is now available for sample purchase. For sample inquiries, please contact [email protected].

About bitsensing

bitsensing is an imaging radar technology company committed to building reliable smart cities and elevating connected living by designing cutting-edge sensor fusions and AI solutions bringing an unprecedented level of intelligence to smart living. Founded in 2018 by seasoned automotive experts, bitsensing is one of the only startups delivering optimal technologies that meet and exceed the high level of reliability and convenience that the industry demands with automotive-grade radar technology. bitsensing is transforming possibilities to bring democratization of smart life in mobility, smart home and building, robotics, security, wellness, and beyond.

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