Mapping Climate Change with Drones

Drone pilots around the world will set out to highlight local effects of climate change.
GLOBHE, a tech platform with a global network of drone pilots, is set to establish a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest photo album of aerial photos.
Guinness World Records™ has 66 years of record-breaking authority. Their mission has always been to document the incredible, and our record will undoubtedly be just that.

GLOBHE will pool all of the Crowddroning by GLOBHE pilots to break the existing record of the largest digital album with drone imagery.

The current record is 20.000 pictures, and during the next two months, our community of over 5000 drone pilots in over 96 countries will work together to beat this record.

Our mission with this Guinness World Records™ title is not only to establish a new world record but to demonstrate how drones can be leveraged locally to monitor areas of the globe that often get overlooked in their risk factor for natural disasters.

It could be to track the rising sea level on an island, show how the breakdown of biodiversity is creating turmoil, and document observable changes in local communities, whatever they may be.

We will put Crowddroning by GLOBHE to the test while fighting climate change in the process to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is the decade of action and we all need to act now.

Create a better future with drones. To save the world.

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“With this initiative, we want to show that the devastating effects of climate change are ubiquitous. They are not limited to the Maldives, the Amazon Rainforest. etc. They impact everyone and directly affect livelihoods. Together with our global network of local drone pilots, we aim at capturing such evidence to facilitate local and global action. We found that attempting to create the largest digital collection of photos ever recorded was a great mechanism to accelerate that process. We are excited by the impact this initiative may bring to local communities around the world and are humbled by the response received thus far.”

Arnaud Henneville-Wedholm Head of Business Development at GLOBHE