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FlytNow announces NestGen, a Virtual Summit Focused on drone autonomy, BVLOS and DiaB Tech

Expert sessions on drone-in-a-box (DiaB) technology, beyond-visual-line-of-sight
(BVLOS) operations, and all other topics of interest to the developers & adopters of
autonomous drone-based systems.

San Jose, California (USA), December 13, 2021: Enterprise drone-automation software company FlytBase, Inc. has announced its plans to host NestGen, an all-online summit on drone autonomy and its future in the uncrewed aerial system (UAS) industry, slated for Feb 22, 2022.

Registrations are free till Dec 31, 2021: https://nestgen.flytnow.com

Why NestGen?

As the commercial UAS industry continues to mature, autonomy is emerging as its next big frontier. Autonomous drones would lead to significant improvements in quality and efficiency of visual data acquisition, enabling wide-ranging opportunities for scalable commercial operations.

Drone-in-a-box (DiaB) systems are a key enabler for the deployment of autonomous
drones, and are therefore a fundamental building block for this industry. Until recently, DiaB systems were highly expensive and complex, rendering them unviable for a wide range of applications and preventing users from deploying them at scale.

However, over the last couple years, significant progress has been made towards the development of modular, compact, and reliable DiaB systems that are compatible with standard, off-the-shelf drones and available at a fraction of the cost of traditional DiaB systems. These new-age DiaB systems are drastically increasing the accessibility of the tech, subsequently widening its market and user base across the globe.

While there are numerous conferences and events that cater to the drone industry at
large, there is a dearth of focus on drone autonomy in general and DiaB systems in
particular. NestGen is an effort to bring the focus on these critical sections of our
industry, which will be the key drivers of growth as we transition from manual drone
piloting to full autonomy.

As Nitin Gupta, Founder & CEO of FlytBase, puts it, “all of us in the drone industry are
excited about the immense potential of BVLOS flights and drone autonomy. To realize
this collective dream and bring this technology to the masses, we need to stay focused on our goal, and work closely with each other to overcome the various challenges on our way.

NestGen is intended to put drone autonomy under the spotlight and encourage
collaboration between various stakeholders to help us get there efficiently.”

Key Takeaways

NestGen aims to foster a community of thought leaders, tech experts, and entrepreneurs working exclusively towards complete drone autonomy, starting with the development and adoption of DiaB technology. It provides them with a platform to find, learn from, and collaborate with their peers, and crowdsource common problems & best practices to fast-track their efforts.

Brimming with interactive workshops, product booths, live demonstrations, and
application-specific breakout sessions, NestGen will ensure that attendees gain an all-
round understanding of the drone-automation industry. Along with live chat options and dedicated Q&A segments that accompany each session, NestGen also features
networking roundtables to encourage open and collaborative discussions on the
industry. Senior leaders and CXOs from different companies will share their vision for autonomous drones, which would help the audience calibrate and align their long-term plans with those of other key players.

Who Should Attend?

People from the commercial drone industry—drone service providers, hardware &
software developers, makers of UTM and other essential systems for BVLOS and
autonomy, etc.—will be able to discuss and share the latest developments in this space, strengthen their networks, meet their peers, and explore collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, businesses who have been using (or intend to deploy) drones for
commercial applications such as perimeter security, asset inspection, and construction progress tracking, will learn more about how autonomy can help them optimize their operations via case studies from various automated drone deployments, and be introduced to the key players of the industry.

Agenda at a Glance

For a glimpse of NestGen’s agenda, visit https://nestgen.flytnow.com/#agenda. The
complete schedule and list of expert speakers will be released soon. Registrations are
open and cost USD 22 per head. However, as an inaugural offer, the registration fee is
waived until Dec 31, 2021.

Call for Speakers

Interested proponents with new products, applications, or case studies in this space are invited to apply for a speaker slot at the event by filling up this form:


About FlytBase

Founded in 2016, FlytBase, Inc., a Silicon Valley company, has developed the world’s first Internet of Drones (IoD) platform, enabling drone-agnostic software solutions to automate and scale drone operations. FlytBase offerings are compatible with all major drone hardware platforms (e.g., DJI, Ardupilot, PX4) and come with SDKs, simulators, and APIs for ease of application development and seamless integration. FlytNow, powered by the battle-tested FlytBase platform, is an intuitive web-based software solution for automating drones & docking stations to conduct repeatable and pre-planned missions for security, asset inspection, and progress tracking.

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