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JEDA, Joint European Drone Associations, the new EU Federation, unified voice in the European drone sector

Last 12th November, European drone-related associations gathered in Brussels to take a major step forward in the EU Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) sector by creating JEDA.

The creation of this association was officially announced, in the presence of representatives of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and several JEDA
members on Monday, November 15 2021 in Cologne during the conference international UAV DACH.

The Joint European Drones Association, a new policy-oriented partnership of European drone-related associations established to promote the interests of the growing number of stakeholders engaged in the operation, production, research and development, service, and applications of all kinds of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Europe.

Also, JEDA aims to represent the increased legislative and regulatory activity that affects everyone who flies a drone for personal and professional use as well as to develop and maintain a common understanding of the seamless integration of UAS/RPAS into aviation and the European airspace system.

Towards drone European operators, JEDA will carry out quickly certain major concrete actions, in the service of the UAS sector.

JEDA promote and support all range of European drone activities such as manufacturers, suppliers of business solutions combining software and hardware, UTM service providers and training organizations, and create synergy between stakeholders in search of new markets.

JEDA encourage sharing best practices in using new regulations and new technologies and creating common tools and sources of information to facilitate their European operations.

All the JEDA members will be involved in advocacy, advice, and links with the main European bodies (such as EDA, EASA and Eurocontrol), projects (such as SESAR), companies and stakeholders involved in the UTM/UAM sector.

Currently the members of JEDA are: ALBADRON (Albanian Drone Association), APANT
(Associação Portuguesa de Aeronaves Não Tripuladas), ASSORPAS (Associazione Italiana Droni), BAIA (Bulgarian Aviation Industry Association), BDF (Belgian Drone Federation), DRONEA, EAC (Estonian Aviation Cluster), EUKA (Vlaamse Drone Federatie), FDPC (Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil), H.U.S.I. (Hellenic U-Space Institute), LARPAS (Latvian Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), RPAS Finland Ry, UAAI (Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland), UAV DACH.

For more information on becoming a member, please contact a JEDA member.

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