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Dufour Aerospace – Software Engineer, HMI & Simulation

Dufour Aerospace is a young start-up on a mission to revolutionize vertical mobility by developing electric and hybrid-electric tilt-wing VTOL aircraft. We’re looking for people who share our vision and passion to join us on our journey in Switzerland.

You will be responsible for developing human-machine interfaces (HMI) for all our aircraft, and for our simulation platforms.

Working location for this role is Zurich, Switzerland.


  • HMI, HUD, EFIS development.
  • Flight control inceptor evaluation and integration.
  • Extension of our UnrealEngine-based simulation platform (creation of new environments and mission scenarios, visual and audio fidelity improvements).
  • Evaluation of new technologies (HUD systems, projectors, motion platforms, VR, etc).


  • 3+ years development experience with UnrealEngine.
  • Solid knowledge of C++, Python.
  • Comfortable with 3D modeling software such as Blender.
  • Understanding of real-time graphics pipelines and optimization.
  • Good eye for visual fidelity.
  • Strong analysis and problem solving skills.
  • Motivated and self-directed work ability.


  • Passion for aviation and sustainable technology.
  • Experience with secure real-time communication protocols.
  • A hands-on problem-solving approach to engineering.

Dufour Aerospace is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals regardless of race, sex, gender identity, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

Contact us at [email protected]

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