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The CubePilot Ecosystem for OEM carrier boards

CubePilot Pty Ltd (Australia) is proud to partner with HexAero PTE. LTD. (Singapore) and ProfiCNC Pty Ltd (Australia) in introducing the OEM Carrier board capabilities of the CubePilot Ecosystem.

In the past, building a successful unmanned system consisted of purchasing an off the shelf control system, connecting some hobby components, and going out and using it. But it takes more than purchasing off the shelf parts and sticking them together with wires all over the place to build a professional system, something that can be certified by aviation authorities, be trusted by Governments and Industry alike. Gone are the days where customers accept hobby systems.

The Cube was designed by ProfiCNC from the ground up in 2014 to be future looking, professional, and upgradeable. By using the Patented Autopilot on module concept, we allow your products to stay up to date as this industry develops. ProfiCNC was the pioneer of the Autopilot as a module concept, and in 2014, as hardware lead on the Pixhawk, PX4, and Ardupilot projects, ProfiCNC has led this industry in providing the most reliable, proven flight control systems in the market.

Partnered with HexAero, The CubePilot Ecosystem was born.

The CubePilot Ecosystem comprises of HexAero products, the Cube range of Autopilot, the Positioning systems, Here3 and HerePro, Remote ID, Smart batteries, and HereLink long-range Command and Control units, as well as supporting partner companies that make awesome products or accessories to suit the Cube Autopilot.

We are proud to introduce the second in our series of posters from the CubePilot Ecosystem. In this poster, we demonstrate the versatility of the cube Autopilot and its predictable and patented mounting system. Thanks to some awesome CubePilot Ecosystem members, HexAero, ProfiCNC, Airbot Systems, Bask Aerospace, Taiwan Drone 100, RFDesign, Spektreworks, and Vamatis, we can show you some examples of how a carrier board can improve the design of your system while ensuring that you can stay up to date with the latest developments in the Cube Autopilot.

With Full compatibility and an extremely close working relationship with Ardupilot, CubePilot can assist you in making your vehicle the best it can be.

More details on each of these boards, the companies that designed them, and the products they are used in will become available along with other OEM boards at

Information on how to register for free to use the patented Autopilot on a module on your own carrier board will also be available shortly at that link.

The Cube Interface guarantee… We have locked our design interface from the first unit in 2014 and will continue to design future cubes with this interface, though additional connectors for future functionality may be added in the future, our next Cube autopilots will still interface with all the previous carrier boards and use the same pin configuration on the DF17 80 pin connector. This means that the carrier board you design today will still be relevant in 5-10 years. There is not one single competing platform that has managed to stick to a standard, with most new products on the market simply making new “standards” up for every release.

For custom carrier board designs, you have the choice,

  1. Design it yourself using the reference design that we provide for free
  2. Hire Spektreworks, Wurzback Electonics, Airbot, or RFDesign to do it for you.
  3. Design it yourself, and Hire CubePilot to assist you in the full development of your product, we
    can give you tips along the way, allowing your team to build the skills required to excel in this

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