Pipistrel select C-Astral as a partner to provide C4 solutions for NUUVA V20

Pipistrel select C-Astral as a partner to provide C4 solutions for NUUVA V20

The unique partnership of two leading Slovenia based aerospace companies working in the unmanned field C-ASTRAL and Pipistrel delivers technologies creating an exceptional value and a leading solution not only for cargo delivery, but also eVTOL based surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence functionality on the same

Following the immense market response after the initial launch of the NUUVA products family (on 1 st September 2020), Pipistrel is relaunching the NUUVA V20 based on initial customer feedback and needs, in order to deliver even greater value for the end users diverse needs. Beginning today, the NUUVA V20 is gaining capability that goes beyond delivery of cargo, such as spare parts, valuable items, medical supplies etc., by
adding ISR functionality with a diverse array of payloads, sensors and data link options for achieving superior situational awareness and C4I systems integration. First deliveries of NUUVA V20, furnished for VLOS as well as BVLOS operations, to our launch customers will begin already in Q1 2022.

Pipistrel is excited to partner with C-ASTRAL Aerospace, whose UAS integration and R&D experience will enrich the product with proven and class-leading C4 solutions intuitive ground station elements and support suites.

Boštjan Bremec, C-ASTRAL Aerospace CTO: The global unmanned systems space is undergoing a not so quiet evolution, with pioneering companies such as Pipistrel and C-ASTRAL Aerospace joining forces to field integrated innovative unmanned systems that will work for our customers and their “customers” down the goods, materials and information supply chains. C-ASTRAL Aerospace is excited to work with Pipistrel on the
advanced NUUVA V20 family of unmanned systems and widen this efficient platform customer base from the commercial to the C4ISR world. Our joint sales and support through Pipistrel, C-ASTRAL and Terra Drone networks will also provide a unique value global support and MRO structure for our new customers.

Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel founder and CEO: To make innovation a true success, you need to first set the trend, always respect market feedback and deliver unique, never seen before solutions, which solve significant customer challenges. The relaunch NUUVA V20, also thanks to C-ASTRAL Aerospace competences, will create a superior product, fulfilling exactly what our customers have asked us to do. At the same time, I see that the
NUUVA V20 can be a unique complement to the larger NUUVA V300, or be used as a standalone highly efficient and capable platform.

For product inquiries, please contact: sales@pipistrel-aircraft.com

About NUUVA V20 link: https://www.pipistrel-aircraft.com/aircraft/nuuva-v300/#tab-id-3

About C-ASTRAL Aerospace

C-ASTRAL Aerospace is a global market leader with an established reputation in the specialized, fixed-wing small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) manufacturing and services field. Besides systems integration, the company has developed avionics and proprietary, secure and adaptable mesh communications systems as well as the capability to integrate its systems with unmanned air traffic management and C4ISR solutions. In the last thirteen years, C-ASTRAL Aerospace has fielded two families of small UAS, the BRAMOR and ATLAS (Advanced Technology Light Acquisition System) and its X-WORKS division is currently developing two new small advanced technology systems that will be launched in 2021 and 2022.

C-ASTRAL Aerospace has been active in three research consortia of the Single European Sky ATM Research initiative (SESAR) and has been instrumental in enabling the first Canadian BVLOS fixed wing flight already in February 2017.

C-ASTRAL Aerospace customer base is diversified between the commercial UAS operators, larger institutional networks, scientific users as well as government entities in more than 70 countries. More than 10 sovereign entities and 200 commercial and scientific operators have fielded C-ASTRAL systems in operations on six continents. C ASTRAL Aerospace systems have been evaluated by the US SOCOM Expeditionary Organic Tactical ISR Capability Set and are now also part of large European UAS swarming research and development initiative.

In 2020, C-ASTRAL became a member of the world’s leading provider of industrial drone solutions Terra Drone Corporation established in 2016. Terra Drone specializes in high-performance hardware, cutting-edge software, drone services, and drone traffic management systems through its partnership with the UTM solutions provider Unifly.

About Pipistrel

Pipistrel is a world-leading small aircraft designer and manufacturer, specialized in energy-efficient and affordable high-performance aircraft. With more than 30 years of experience, Pipistrel has produced more than 2200 aircraft to-date, gaining significant international reputation by delivering unique, innovative products to passionate customers on all continents.

First-to-fly an electric two-seater in 2007 and the winner of the NASA Green Flight Challenge in 2011 with the World’s first electric four-seat aeroplane, Pipistrel has designed nine different experimental and serially produced electric aircraft, including the first type certified electric aeroplane, the Velis Electro. It has also developed propulsion systems, including batteries, power controllers and electric motors, for small and general aviation class of aircraft for NASA and Siemens, among others. With involvement in standardisation committees, i.e. ASTM F44.40, F39.05, SAE AE7-D, Pipistrel is helping to enable the future market of hybrid-electric aviation.

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, the company’s R&D division, holds an EASA Design Organisation Approval and has the capability of bringing a new aircraft design concept from a basic idea into a certified design, ready for production. The division is also developing an electric eVTOL air taxi, as well as a hydrogen fuel-cell powered 19-seat miniliner/microfeeder, aimed at revolutionising the intra-European transport market.