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New drone advocacy group launched – The Drone Service Providers Alliance (“DSPA”)

Two industry veterans launch advocacy group aimed at small and medium sized drone service providers.

LAKEWOOD, CO, Dec 2020 – The Drone Service Providers Alliance (“DSPA”), a drone industry trade association, formally launched today. Founded by two drone industry veterans, the DSPA aims to represent small and medium-sized drone service providers’ interests before the FAA, industry standards groups, and to educate governments about the perspective of drone service providers.

“Small and medium-sized drone service providers constitute the vast majority of drone
businesses in the United States,” said Kenji Sugahara, CEO/President of the DSPA. “However, these businesses have lacked a clear and unified voice before policymakers. We seek to fill that role. I am excited to be working with Vic Moss, another drone professional and policy expert. We not only have a deep policy knowledge of the UAS sphere, we have our own drone companies. We know, live, and understand the challenges faced by our industry cohorts. ”

“Kenji and I are long time industry veterans with proven track records,” said Vic Moss, COO/VP of the DSPA. “We’ve worked with the FAA and all levels of government to advocate for drone users. Kenji served on the FAA Remote ID Aviation Rulemaking Committee, helped lead the Remote ID ASTM group, and continues to participate in Federal Drone Advisory Committee Task Groups. I work directly with the FAA as one of three Safety Team Drone Pros for the Denver FSDO, serve as Director of Legislative Affairs for UAS Colorado, and have a track record of helping individuals fight for reasonable regulations in their cities and towns.”

The DSPA not only seeks to represent the interests or small and medium-sized drone
businesses, the group looks to provide resources to member businesses to help them grow, manage risk, and become advocates and stewards of the industry.

About DSPA

The DSPA is a drone industry trade association representing the interests of small and medium-sized drone businesses. Incorporated Colorado as a non-profit membership organization, the DSPA has applied for a tax exemption as an industry trade group under section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code.

For more information visit www.dspalliance.org

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