H-WING VTOL FPV Flying Wing RTF Package

H-WING VTOL FPV Flying Wing RTF Package

Normal fixed-wings set up a high threshold for drone enthusiasts. Unless you’re a pro at this, you are very likely to break your drone during landing or some other complex situations that require skilled operation. Hence, H-WING comes along, an FPV VTOL for beginners and experts.

· TAKE-OFF/LANDING vertically without a runway; No flying field restricted unless stipulated by law.

· READY-TO-FLY, easy to carry package

· EASY operation, for beginner and expert

· LIGHT MODULAR airframe, no tools needed, no messy wiring, no complicated connecting procedures.

· GPS for position hold, return-to-home and flightpath planning

· ONBOARD 720P/24fps HD FPV camera pairing with an integrated 2.4GHz 10km video/data/RC transmission system, a thrilling FPV flying experience awaits.

· COMPATIBLE with action sports camera such as DJI Osmo Action and GoPro

· NO control surface, adopting differential steering mechanism to alter the direction.


· 40min Fixed-wing endurance, 18min Multi-rotor endurance

· EMERGENCY FAILSAFE, low-vol/RC loss return-to-home and VTOL assisted protection