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Drone Defence has released a ground-breaking portable electronic drone countermeasure system – the Paladyne E1000MP

In the ‘first of many’ upcoming product announcements following recent seed funding, we have today launched our compact, fully man-portable drone countermeasure system – the Paladyne E1000MP. 

Our vision is that drones are destined to change the way mankind views, interacts with, and will eventually move around our planet. 

However, whilst drones are fantastic tools, we recognise that around the world they are increasingly being used by criminals.

They can disrupt airports, fly drugs into prisons, steal state-secrets and invade privacy.  

We provide solutions to this emerging problem.

Our latest portable drone countermeasure system is the most compact, lightweight and effective portable counter drone solution to ever be developed, and will protect organisations of all sizes against an emerging threat from drones. 

The launch of the Paladyne E1000MP follows more recent good news for us, with £500,000 in overseas seed funding announced last month from US based investors, Scientel Solutions.

This investment has aided us in developing a suite of new products designed to protect and enable the drone industry, with the Paladyne E1000MP being the first in the series. 

Richard Gill, founder and CEO of Drone Defence said: 

“We are proud and delighted today to unveil the result of some of the hard work that has been taking place behind the scenes here at Drone Defence.

Our latest, industry-leading drone countermeasure system will go a long way to ensuring an increasing threat from illicit drones is minimised, whilst helping to enable the drone industry for legitimate drone operators. 

“The Paladyne E1000MP is versatile, effective and robust. It provides an unrivalled safe and portable system for stopping all commercial drones from distances of up to a kilometre.

“It will empower security operatives to deliver comprehensive protection in a full range of situations.

“Thanks to our recent funding award, this is the first of many new products from Drone Defence designed to secure airspace, and to unlock the skies to the emerging drone industry.” 

Drone Defence was formed in 2017 to address security concerns over the illegal use of drone technology. Early success was gained with deployments internationally, including our SkyFence drone blocking product in Guernsey prison.   

Drone Defence drone countermeasure systems are currently deployed in locations across the globe.

To find out more about the Paladyne E1000MP, please contact +44 (0) 843 289 2805 or email [email protected].

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