Hurricane season is still not over along the Gulf coast, and more hurricanes are expected.

What can be done to be ready for the next ‘Marco’ or Laura’ before it’s too late? As it stands emergency response is at a disadvantage because of a lack of up-to-date information. Resources and rescue efforts are squandered, and acute responses do not arrive on time, in literal life and death situations. What if there was a way to get a bird’s eye view to gain awareness in these kinds of emergency situations when it’s unsafe and inaccessible for emergency response teams on the ground?

Airobotics is a global leader in fully automated industrial drones, enabling companies and governments to run unmanned aerial missions. In the case of hurricanes, Airobotics has the potential to give a view from above, before and after the events, enabling efficient strategizing, protection of emergency personnel, as well as monitoring for stranded people or destroyed property. The solution is a game-changer for situational awareness and emergency response, supporting both local ground forces and remote command & control center operators. Airobotics platform replaces the need to send counter-measure forces to the incident’s location, thereby reducing reaction time, the risk to personnel, and unnecessary response to false positives.

The company, which received the world’s first approval to fly over a major metropolis, was recently tapped to provide Singapore’s police with 2 pilotless drones to track illegal public gathering and enforce social distancing measures.

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