A new look for UASidekick

A new look for UASidekick

UASidekick is excited to finally be able to show everyone our new look and improved services beginning next week. We have been working on this update for many months and have made some dramatic changes in the way the app looks and feels. Intuitive draw functions, easily accessible flight log with filters and update options, measuring tools, parcel look-up and organization management just to name a few.

We are updating the pricing to provide a hobbyist entry point, allow longer-term subscriptions and allow low-cost administration of multiple pilots. You can see the PRICING PAGE on our website.

We did increase the monthly commercial pilot subscription which has been in place for several years by one dollar to $5.99 a month. You can still get the price down to $4.99 when you subscribe and select to pay for a full year.

We will be working hard next week to work out any issues that will come up as we know with this much change there is bound to be something. Expect a few updates during the week to fix any issues and during the next couple weeks to implement the additional features.