New Video Series from DSLRPros – ‘Release Notes’

DSLRPros, an industry leader in UAS sales, has produced their first in a series of videos called Release Notes, discussing the uses and design of flight systems and payloads.

Their first video was released on October, 30th and focuses on the FLIR TZ20 thermal imaging system.

DSLRPros, a leading commercial drone dealer has created an original video series called Release Notes. This series has been made to show and discuss new drone products and updates to existing products. The series gives viewers inside knowledge from UAS experts on everything from software upgrades to product innovations. Release Notes promises to be an entertaining and informative resource for anybody interested in commercial drone technology and products

The first installment of Release Notes gives an in depth review of the brand new FLIR TZ20.

FLIR’s thermal imaging system was designed alongside DJI to make it a plug and play solution with the Matrice 200 and Matrice 300 series of aircraft. One of the most exciting features of the TZ20 is its’ zoom effect. Release Notes shows how the TZ20 uses two independent thermal sensors to offer both a 95o wide-angle field of view via a 4.9mm lens, as well as a narrow 18o field of view via a longer lens, at 24mm. This is useful for operations where it’s important to have a view of a large area for situational awareness while also being able to focus in on a subject for more detail.

In their first episode, the team at DSLRPros shows the FLIR TZ20 in action in several exciting and visually arresting locations. The FLIR TZ20 performs admirably in urban and remote settings alike. Release Notes gives viewers an amazingly detailed overview of the product, it’s use cases, and its potential. More episodes of Release Notes are currently in production.

The first episode of DSLRPros’ Release Notes can be seen here

More information on the Flir TZ20 can also be found on the DSLRPros blog, here.

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