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UAVtek Awarded Drone Innovation Award 2020

UAVtek has been awarded Drone Innovation Award 2020. For its work providing Nano drones with unrivalled capability. 

“We are very proud of the fact that the Bug is designed and built in the UK.” Said Howard Humphries, (Managing director and Founder)

“This demonstrates that the UK drone industry can produce world-class unmanned systems.  We have outstanding partners, including BAE Systems and General Dynamics, who are collaborating with us to develop the best possible technology for our troops.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  As we move in to 2021, we will be releasing a full range of purpose built UAVS for all aspects of military use.”

The Bug Nano not only offers capabilities never before seen in this class but is also able to punch above its weight.  Even at under 200 grams, the Bug Nano provides an eye in the sky that can fly in strong winds, withstanding gusts of over 40 knots, and send full motion 1080p video back from 2km away. 

An impressive flight-time of up to 40 minutes means extended range, and the ability to fly more than three times longer than a Black Hornet 3 at fraction of the price. 

The core system created for the Bug is the first in a range of versatile and complimentary airframes from UAVTEK, built to go faster, weigh less, carry more, and fly longer. Their unmanned aerial vehicles range from the 200g Nano Bug, through to a large 3.5m VTOL fixed wing and Rovers.

Jenna Copley (Finance Director and Founder) said

“One thing that sets us apart is that UAVtek is the only airframe-agnostic drone manufacturer in the UK;  we use the same interchangeable ground-controllers, and the same operating system for every UAV in the fleet, which reduces training time and skills-fade”.   

The Bug despite the current pandemic is attracting notable attention from all over the world, providing front line troops with the most affordable and capable UAV in its class 

To learn more about UAVTEK’s range of products, please visit UAVTEK

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