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Blue Bear builds on sensing and spraying capability with Project DETECT

Blue Bear is pleased to announce its participation in Project DETECT. This exciting project will explore how sensing and spraying drones powered by Satellite communication technology can be used as an automated/autonomous system for tackling global development problems, including the significant challenge of mosquitos in rural communities.

Blue Bear will build on its existing capability in drone sensing and spraying projects, which helps to combat swarms of locusts. When combined with Blue Bear’s swarming and autonomy technology, the system will allow rural communities access to a state-of-the-art platform, which will provide a game-changing contribution to their communities.

Ian Williams-Wynn, Blue Bear’s MD, said, “The integration of sensing and spraying technology into our existing CenturionTM swarming drone control software will be combined with our medical delivery technology. This combination will provide even more beneficial layers of drone use in a single system for rural communities. Our aim is to make access to operating multiple drones commonplace for such global development endeavours.”

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