Flock partners with African Drone Forum 2020 to enable the drone operations of tomorrow

  • Flock joins the World Bank, UK Aid, the World Economic Forum and the Government of Rwanda as the exclusive risk partner of the African Drone Forum 2020.
  • The UK insurtech is providing the insurance needed to conduct beyond visible line of sight (BVLOS) flight competitions on Lake Kivu, Rwanda
  • Flock’s data-driven approach to insurance allows it to identify, understand and insure against complex air mobility risks

Today Flock announces it is the exclusive risk partner of African Drone Forum 2020 which launches this week. The UK insurtech will be using its world-leading understanding of air mobility risk to provide a custom insurance policy for the flight competitions during the event. 

All flights during African Drone Forum 2020, including a range of BVLOS competitions over Lake Kivu, the largest lake in Rwanda, will be fully insured through one of Flock’s Enterprise policies. 

Jonty Slater, Competitions Manager at African Drone Forum 2020 said “We’re delighted to have Flock on board as the exclusive risk partner of African Drone Forum 2020. This event is paving the way for the adoption and safe use of drones in everything from cargo to search and rescue. Flock’s innovative approach to insurance is integral to accelerating this shift to a smarter and safer world.” 

Ed Leon Klinger, CEO of Flock said “We’re delighted to be the risk partner of this year’s African Drone Forum. This event is one of the only opportunities in the world for manufacturers and operators to showcase the potential of their technology. I’m proud our data-driven approach to insurance has played a part in letting it take place.” 

Taking place near Lake Kivu in Rwanda, the African Drone Forum 2020 is an opportunity for companies to showcase how drones can help improve information sharing, supply chains and logistics in Rwanda and worldwide. Other key partners include the World Bank, UK Aid, the World Economic Forum and the Government of Rwanda.

Some of the world’s leading drone manufacturers and operators will compete in the ‘Lake Kivu Challenge’ where successful participants have the chance to win cargo delivery contracts and take a key role in helping advances thoughtfully the application of UASs to improve supply chains and advance sustainable economies in Africa. Competitors include Avy, German Drones, Phoenix Wings, Wingcopter, Venturi and Volans-i, Hojung Solutions, Drone Adventures, Qlex and Leapr Labs.

One of the competitions insured by Flock involved delivering a package of medical supplies from Palm Beach Drone port to Bugarura Island, a 20km trip, giving operators a chance to demonstrate their ability to safely conduct groundbreaking BVLOS flights. The delivery of medical supplies by drone could one day have a major impact on the residents of Bugarura island where there is currently only one health post and a handful of health workers. The winner of this competition will be awarded to whichever company can conduct the quickest, safest and most user-friendly flight. 

Winners will be invited to speak at a drone event hosted by Zipline, one of the world’s most innovative and advanced drone delivery companies. 

Flock’s risk intelligence technology draws on realtime data such as wind speed, temperature and geographic factors to identify, understand and insure the risks of each flight. This allows drone operators to align costs with activity, unlike traditional insurance policies. At the end of an agreed time period, Enterprise customers are given insights on how they could fly safer and smarter. By taking this guidance on board they are rewarded with lower premiums.