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DB2 Vision – LaQuinta narrow-band multispectral sensor


DB2 Vision was established with the ambition to push the industry of AG Tech Imaging into a real end-user volume industry, by developing high-tech equipment all the way within reach of the individual farmer or agronomist. 

Late 2019, after nearly 3.5 years of development, we were proud to introduce LaQuinta to the global market. 

LaQuinta is the 1st of its kind: a single sensor, single optical path, high resolution 4 narrow-band multispectral UAV and ground vehicle crop sensor for Precision Agriculture. It is the most fully-featured, yet lowest cost Multispectral AG-Tech camera in the world*

<* 40% below the current lowest cost multispectral sensor on the global market: the PARROT SEQUOIA)>

With the impressive rise of drones/UAVs the field of Precision Agriculture is growing exponentially and it is to be expected to remain on this rapid growth path for at least the coming decade. The ability to pinpoint crop stress, vegetation disease and/or fertilization needs by means of multi- and hyperspectral imaging is regarded as one of the major industrial development boosts in Agriculture since its mechanization in the 1950s. DB2 Vision has set its goal to develop a way to spectacularly overcome the 2 limiting factors that have held back mass adoption so far; the price of the (imaging) equipment needed, as well as the complexity of its use:

LaQuinta houses all necessary hybrid sensor technology (GPS, Irradiance sensor, IMU, Altimeter and internal battery) around the camera enabling it to function completely system agnostic. It is therefore applicable on all types of UAVs able to carry a payload of 140gr/ 5oz and multi compatible with widely used software solutions such as Pix4D Mapper, Agisoft Metashape and Skyline TerraExplorer. 

Crop Monitoring

The monitoring of crop growth and performance during developmental stages is an important aspect of agricultural management. Stress factors often prevent crops from developing at the rate they are capable of. Multispectral remote sensing enables the farmer to implement timely interventions that ensure optimal yields at the end of the season.

Causes that lead to crop stress, and consequently insufficient growth rate and eventually sub-optimal crop output can be detected through special imaging devices. Multispectral cameras that can capture separate fragments of the VIS (visible) as well as NIR (Near-Infrared) spectrum (tuned exactly to monitor the reflectance -or lack thereof- of crops) that through specific vegetation indices can be used to detect these stress factors before the human eye will be able to notice it.

By attaching such a multispectral sensor to a drone and scout your land at high speed the landowner will be enabled to identify possible issues when there’s still time to take proper measures, while it also leads to better usage of your valuable resources; water only where watering is needed, spray fertilizer only if your soil needs it and limit usage of pesticides enabling spot-spraying only to pinpointed areas.  

By partnering with equipment and software providers that complement our technology, DB2 Vision is able to provide the end-user with a complete solution:

DB2 Vision seeks partnerships/ cooperate on with related businesses therewith enabling the end-user to receive a full solution and taking a leap towards true precision agriculture. LaQuinta is already gaining serious traction in SE-Asia, but we are still looking for international distributors around the world! UAV Service companies focused on Agriculture, AG Tech specialists, UAV equipment suppliers; Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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