Book Your 2019 UAS State of the Industry Insider Meeting Now!

2019 is coming to a close, and the commercial drone industry is facing a lot of hard questions in the regulation and technology department. Hear the latest current goings-on and predictions for the next 6 to 18 months regarding UAS NAS integration, RID, UAM, UTM, C-UAS, BVLOS, and more.

For some, this has become a reoccurring commercial drone professional’s nightmare, having to sit in the yearly review hot seat and explain to the boss why the forecasted drone mega-billions haven’t been realized yet again. The board is breathing down his neck as the drone program balance sheet (and his bonus) takes on the resemblance of a roadmap leading to the black hole of Calcutta! And all you’ve got are the same old tired platitudes and regulatory excuses you have been hearing at the selfie-droner shows since before the initial investment.

Then there is the unenviable task of having to gin up the company’s annual vertical pivot and planning of the reboot fiesta. You know there is no use in reciting the FAA regulatory/policy excuse again since last year’s convoluted explanation had coworkers and management suspecting someone might be day-drinking or possibly dabbling in the medicinal Mary Jane on the job. You thought you did your due diligence and spent a small fortune on bogus forecasts, consultants, and flight jackets, but you still can’t get anyone to touch your services, even with a gold-plated freemium subscription! #Nobueno

Honestly, how many more quarters are you going to be able to keep up the charade before you wind up managing the mailroom of the satellite office in New Jersey? It is all about the data, and this information is what you need to stave off empty-piñata syndrome!

These aren’t second guesses, but instead, based on information gleaned from the better part of two decades of experience, participation, and intensive study of the commercial global airspace integration effort and technology application.

These engagements are in person, private, and discreet. Each custom dissertation is followed up with a Q&A session on the topics relevant to your verticals. Let’s discuss ways to make the plan work in the current regulatory environment and how to navigate what is coming next.

PM me for details and available dates; for you work-a-day types, there is always @theDroneDealer on Twitter.