Has the PfCO list in the UK been hacked?

Commercial drone operators in the UK have today received a mass email from a directory service that has just stood up.

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Discover Drones

Some have filed the email in the circular bin but a small group are alarmed, they are alarmed because the email address they have received the missive from is only used for communication with the CAA.

It would seem that the publicly available CAP 1361 PfCO list has been tied to a second private dataset to put emails to PfCO numbers.

PfCO’s might want to ask Discover Drones just what data they hold on them and where it came from.

I have reached out to the CAA for comment, but it’s POETs day so I am not expecting a response any time soon. Discover Drones is on the end of a web form with no email address on the site, I have sent an enquiry and again await a response.