Zing Launches Public Beta for Free Drone Delivery iPhone App

Zing is inviting drone pilots around the globe to beta test their new Zing Drone Delivery iPhone application.

The application allows drone pilots to use any DJI drone to make autonomous deliveries.
To use the Zing Drone Delivery application all you have to do is connect your drone, tap a coordinate on the map, then tap launch. The drone will fly ascend to 200 feet then fly to that location autonomously. After arriving at the location, the drone will descend to about 30 feet before giving the pilot manual control for a safe final descent. Once the delivery has been completed, the pilot taps a button to return to home as usual. The app includes an abort button to resume manual control at any time during the flight.

The app is integrated with AirMap to keep all drones using the Zing application away from schools, prisons, TFRs, and controlled airspace. The drone pilot is not able to launch if any part of their delivery passes through these areas.

Zing sells aerodynamic and lightweight delivery devices to attach to popular drones like the Mavic and Phantom, but they also encourage drone pilots to test their free app without a payload attached.

“Drone deliveries are right around the corner in the United States. NASA is finishing up their final phase of UTM testing in Reno and companies are being granted air carrier certificates. We’re taking this opportunity to gather data and get as many pilots as possible familiar with our platform,” says founder Ian Annase.

“There are over 100,000 Part 107 certified drone pilots in the United States, and they are all looking for a way to fly their drone commercially. We’re providing a new and exciting solution for them.”

In the future Zing aims to allow pilots to pick up meals from local restaurants and deliver them to our users. You can think of it like Uber Eats, except their drivers are drone pilots taking off from their front yards. It may seem far fetched, but drones currently have the technological capabilities to make these small deliveries already.

“In my experience, online ordering systems are painfully slow, expensive, and wasteful. Drones travel as the crow flies at maximum speed, making them far more efficient than traditional delivery systems. Plus they are fully electric, making them more eco-friendly than any delivery platform out there today,” adds Annase.

You can download the Zing Drone Delivery application at https://bit.ly/flywithzing