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Unmanned Safety Institute and Textron Systems Create Employment Pipeline for Collegiate Students

The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), the industry leader in remote pilot safety education, training, and certification, will collaborate with Textron Systems, a business of Textron, Inc. (NYSE:TXT), to implement Aerosonde® Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) operator training into university curriculums, helping prospective unmanned systems operators with certification.

USI will implement its safety education and skill-based curriculum and training frameworks to provide certifications in collaboration with select technical colleges and universities, offering qualified students the opportunity to participate in unmanned aircraft training in accordance with Textron Systems’ training standards, backed by more than 1 million UAS flight hours. Textron Systems and USI will work together to ensure that the new program offers resources that support classroom and flight activity directly related to Textron Systems’ unmanned aircraft systems.

USI’s professional aviator-oriented safety education and skill-based certifications will be considered prerequisites for learners to participate in on-site training with Textron Systems at their Unmanned Systems Service & Support center in Blackstone, Virginia, with the intent to prepare students for a future career as an unmanned aircraft systems operator.

“Through this collaboration, students participating in this unique experience will be prepared for graduation and employment within the unmanned systems industry,” says Textron Systems Vice President of Tactical Mission Systems Chris Mallon. “Over the past couple years, we have seen an increased demand for Aerosonde SUAS operations, making this certification program an extremely valuable asset for those wishing to join the Textron Systems team.”

The strategic agreement creates an employment pipeline not only for college students but also for secondary students, exiting military personnel and adult learners interested in pursuing an unmanned career pathway. Students interested in the new program will be able to use traditional student financing, financial aid, and GI Bill financing to cover the cost of all training and increase accessibility.

“We are proud to offer incredible opportunities for individuals looking to work with a long-time industry leader in unmanned flight,” stated USI President Josh Olds. “Unmanned Safety Institute is dedicated to setting the standard for safety education and skill-based evaluation by merging the world of technology and aviation into a turn-key solution for developing professional, risk averse, safety cultured remote pilots.”


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