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UAV Turbines Introduces Monarch RP Propulsion Systems, Providing Reliability & Performance

UAV Turbines, Inc. (UAVT), a pioneer of microturbine technology, today announced the introduction of its Monarch RP family of microturbine engines, the first engines that will provide defense and commercial partners with reliable, quiet, and powerful propulsion systems. Designed for Group 3 and 4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the Monarch engines can run on heavy fuel of varying qualities. The Monarch RP has passed all critical tests in the cell, working through its operating cycle repeatedly, and for extended times. As a result, UAVT is now working with a commercial airframe partner to conduct ground testing. The highly anticipated line of microturbines will enable UAVs to operate more efficiently, safely and reliably than when powered by other available engines.

“After several years of intense effort, our talented team of engineers has developed a complete, turnkey microturbine propulsion system for Group 3 and 4 UAVs that is unique in both utility and function,” said Kirk Warshaw, CEO of UAV Turbines. “Throughout the design process, we focused on creating the world’s first reliable, lightweight, high-performance microturbine engine for small aircraft that runs on heavy fuel. As we have matured the design, we now recognize that a microturbine in this category has limitless possibilities across the propulsion spectrum.”

The unprecedented Monarch RP microturbine was carefully designed to outperform conventional reciprocating engines in several ways:

  • Monarch RP will provide more time in the air and less time being serviced on the ground with upwards of a 2,000 hour increase in operation time between overhauls when compared to available Class 3 engines.
  • Monarch RP’s variable pitch propeller will enable UAVs to climb faster and reach greater dash speeds, enabling greater performance and efficiency in both commercial and military aircraft.
  • The reliability of Monarch RP eliminates the need for extra engines for a single aircraft.
  • The flexibility to run efficiently on all types of heavy fuels, such as jet fuel, makes Monarch RP safer and more convenient than engines running on volatile aviation gasoline.
  • Monarch RP generates useful on-board electrical power that is 2-3x greater than what is produced by conventional engines.

“The Monarch RP propulsion systems changes the game for unmanned flight, said William T. “Tim” Crosby, MG (R) Chairman of UAVT’s Board of Advisors. “The U.S. Military is in critical need of a reliable heavy fuel engine that ensures our troops consistently have the support of their UAVs when they need them. The successful evolution and testing of the Monarch RP propulsion systems proves that reliability, added safety, and efficiency is possible and will soon be available to the warfighter in a variety of platforms.”

About UAV Turbines

UAV Turbines is creating the world’s first reliable, lightweight and fuel efficient microturbine engines to provide propulsion and power generation in small to medium-sized UAVs. The company’s Monarch RP propulsion systems will increase performance beyond what current engine systems permit. Designed by UAV Turbines’ team of world-class engineers and protected by multiple patents, Monarch RP propulsion systems run on less-volatile heavy fuels and provide abundant onboard electrical power. UAV Turbines’ first-of-its-kind engine is a reliable, quiet, cost-effective option for both the defense and commercial sectors. In 2018, the company entered into a Technical Investment Agreement with the U.S. Military for the development of a more efficient propulsion system, a necessary component to the success and advancement of UAVs. Founded in 2014, privately owned UAV Turbines is headquartered in Miami. To learn more, visit

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