The next-generation on-demand delivery company Dorado, has revealed that it plans to raise $55M via its ICO. Dorado has already ‘pre-heated the oven” by raising $4M from institutional investors, including the ICO-focused Goldfish Fund, and it plans to offer the remaining allocation to the general public. There’s likely to be a huge amount of interest given how mature Dorado is in comparison to the majority of companies that hold ICO’s. Dorado, a fork of Foodout, which is based in Europe, was founded in 2014 and is already a leader in 6 countries, delivering 4 million orders, to 1 million active users, with +50M in sales.

As the pace of global urbanization intensifies, and with it the speed of daily life, the $215 billion on-demand delivery industry is set to boom. The market expansion has reached a 25% annual growth rate and slowdown is nowhere in sight.

One well-established platform – Dorado – has been fast to take advantage of this huge potential and is ready to shake the sector from its foundations up. The Dorado was initiated to continue the successful expansion of its root company – Foodout Group. The company’s vision is to deliver whatever product the customer wants in less than 1 hour, which is why the company has rebranded from “Foodout” to “Dorado”. In only 3 years Foodout has managed to emerge as a leading takeaway and home delivery enterprise which now covers 6 countries with over 1 million active clients. If these numbers weren’t convincing enough, their growth according to financial data, has exceeded 6227% with +$50M in revenues.

Dorado’s disruption of on-demand goods movement in smart cities

Dorado aims to introduce a completely redefined vision of how restaurant food, groceries, pharmaceuticals, electronics and beyond should be ordered and delivered. The sector’s current highest standards are not high enough to satisfy the founders of Dorado.

Dorado’s founders are committed to the idea that the use of cutting edge technology is key to the sector’s future. That is why they advocate using as much automation as possible so that human error can be avoided and the best service possible provided. This is also why they are seeking to develop the first entirely “non-human” delivery service by switching to drones and robots which will be using HyperLocal Logistics platform built on blockchain.

“Using our own research, big data and proprietary expertise, Dorado is developing tools that will change the way we choose, order and deliver goods. Modern lifestyles demand a much more tightly integrated service – nowadays almost anything can be ordered through apps and messengers lightning-fast, but the delivery industry has been too slow in adapting to these changes. This is where Dorado steps in with vision to be the catalyst of a major change”, explains Jonas Karosas, the co-founder of Dorado.

The new generation user interface of the platform will include a touch of artificial intelligence with an “ever-learning” chatbot. Utilization of this combo will eliminate a variety of inefficiencies caused by traditional low-tech solutions like call-centers.

Transparency and 3 year token lock for the team

The Dorado ICO is targeting visionary investors who seek a proven business model with high growth potential. As a show of further transparency and the long-term commitment of Dorado’s team, they will lock the “Teams” and “Foodout Groups” tokens for 3 years.

In the words of Jonas Karosas, “With millions of users, Dorado hopes to drive the mainstream adoption of its Dorado token. We are hoping to create a reward engine, a beautiful network effect, where the bigger Dorado grows the more token holders are rewarded. “

“Dorado, unlike most ICOs, is not just an idea on whitepaper. It has a strong, experienced team and board members who have vast experience scaling businesses. It is also backed by a serious player in the market – Foodout Group. And last but not least has THAT feeling of being with right product at right time” says Tomas Martunas, managing partner of The Goldfish Fund, which has invested in Dorado.

Those wanting to buy into the token sale will have to pre-register at .
Pre-registering ensures that these future investors are “white-listed” and guarantees a smoother ICO.

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