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Dutch NEO drone films Games of Thrones Season 7

game of thrones

During the recordings of the most downloaded series of the Games of Thrones, the NEO drone has been used in Iceland provided by the Dutch company Acecore Technologies. The recordings took place last winter at different locations in Iceland. According to owner and pilot Jorrit Linders the weather conditions were very extreme. It was for the first time that the Games of Thrones used drones instead of traditional helicopters in Iceland Temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius and very strong winds made the recordings very challenging.

The quality requirements of HBO are high, mainly because almost all data must be able to be post-edited with all kinds of visual effects. The production team was very pleased because the drone team was always ready to be deployed by the director. This is unlike expensive helicopters where flights should always be pre-planned.

Drones can also fly closer to the object for the so-called close range aerial shots. The Dutch company specialises in developing drones systems with heavy lift capacities and flying in heavy weather conditions.


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