Project Wing testing a new delivery drone in Australia

Project Wing testing a new delivery drone in Australia

Two very interesting things to come out of a Canberra Times report all about Google X testing their Separate Lift Thrust (SLT) delivery drone in Australia.

Firstly, the design has changed a bit.

It has fourteen yes count them fourteen motors, twelve for lifting and two for forward flight. Also, note the pitot tube stuck up on the tail. I am surprised that the wing area is enough to make a difference when in forward flight. Has the feel of a starfighter to me, must have to move on a bit.

Those lifting props are also an interesting shape, less drag when being dragged along perhaps.

The second thing that crossed my mind is that it’s Tridge country. They are going to the very heart of the new SLT movement.

Test flights will take place in the Fernleigh Park area of Googong.

Speaking to the Canberra Times, Project Wing co-leader James Ryan Burgess said,

“We did some research in the Canberra area and more broadly and we found that the Googonians were quite positive to new technology and innovation.  We’re excited to be in a place that will be welcoming to new innovation and new ways of doing things.”

“We want to give all our devotion and attention to this area.”

I don’t think Project Wing put themselves close to Dr Andrew Tridgell by accident.


Gary Mortimer

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