HexH2O Pro v2 waterproof DJI equipped

HexH2O Pro v2 waterproof DJI equipped

The all new waterproof drone from QuadH2O is here, the HexH2O Pro v2. Redesigned to accommodate some of the industries best technology. Featuring the new DJI N3 flight controller, X3 4K camera/gimbal system, Lightbridge 2; giving you amazing high definition video downlink, ranges of up to 3.5km and of course, all controlled via the powerful DJI Go App.


You can further configure your order and select from a wide range of high-end optional components, to further enhance your waterproof drone including the free DJI Ground Station PRO and the DJI channel expansion kit; add up to 8 additional devices and control them from the ground, including our 2kg payload release system. Contact us today and discuss your requirements with a QuadH2O technician.

HexH2O Pro V2 Drone Key Features:

  • Up to 30 min flight time
  • Fly in the rain, snow, and land on water
  • Film above and below the waterline 4K camera with High Definition video downlink
  • 3.5km flight and HD video range
  • DJI N3 flight controller
  • Stabilized gimbal Advanced flight controls including mission planning/waypoints
  • Auto take off, auto landing, failsafe/return to home-point
  • Controlled via the DJI Go App
  • Release Date: 31st March 2017
  • Price: $6,449