The Drone Light Show a Drone Aerial Light Show

The Drone Light Show a Drone Aerial Light Show

The Drone Light Show, a division of Great Lakes Drone Company (GLDC), debuted their 25 drone aerial light show LIVE on March 20 and 21 of 2017, to an invite-only crowd. Amongst the audience of 60 people combined The Drone Light Show put on an aerial show spectacular! These multiple drones created designs with bright colours, such as a heart, 3-dimensional shapes, and even the “M” from Pure Michigan campaign.

The Future is now, we combine 25 fully functioning Autonomous Drones armed with the latest innovative swarming technology, we added hundreds of bright custom made LED lights, and we mix a sound track to take this one of a kind drone light show to new heights.

GLDC can provide this service due to the approval of the FAA Authorization (107W-2016-00512A) to operate multiple unmanned aircraft.

Bringing the wow factor to your next event, unlike any other, The Drone Light Show can illuminate the sky with your logo, your ideas, your personal touch! This is the next cutting edge technology that will capture any audiences attention; there is no limit to creating how you want to illuminate the sky with your own aerial light show.

This show gets the ever sought after ooh’s and ahh’s that people will remember! Sales and Marketing Director Reyna Price says,“The opportunity to be able to provide an aerial light show anywhere in the United States that will allow the creativity of peoples imagination come to life is like nothing else I ever seen. It’s truly very exciting!”

“We are really taking outdoor entertainment to the next level,mid-June,” says David O’Neal of That Drone Show “Drones are a good thing, and the drone light show creates an opportunity to create a different type of outdoor entertainment, that takes imagination to new heights!”

Currently scheduling shows with our 30 drone inventory starting in May 2017, and we will be releasing 100 drone mid-June and 200 drone show by mid July 2017.

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