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Freedom Drone Sports™ is proud to announce a partnership with Hionos, a subsidiary of the French company Sogilis.

Freedom Drone

Hionos will bring unprecedented safety systems to drone racing by providing its autopilot firmware, which complies with the highest level of safety in aeronautics –  DO-178C with the highest level of certification and testing (DAL-A).

Safety is the guiding factor for the executive teams of both Freedom Drone Sports™ and Hionos and it is crucial to the international development of Drone Racing.

Highlighting the safety-first culture, the partnership provides a well-developed framework, demonstrating the necessity for a safety-engineered solution to existing systems that will be presented to stakeholders, both local and international, including aviation safety agencies and sporting federation bodies, supporting Freedom Drone Sports™ sound process of identifying, analyzing, monitoring and improving the management of the most important Drone Racing sport related risks and safety methodologies.

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