SF Drone School

SF Drone School Research Center Receives Night Waiver

The SF Drone School Research Center recently announced the acquisition of it’s night waver for part 107 sUAS research at Treasure Island.

“This waiver will give us the ability to expand our testing capabilities for companies working on applications and innovations that will help them grow market share. Someday commercial drone operators will be able to do more than is in Part 107, and we are doing what we can to help them be ready.” – Werner Von Stein

What can you do with a night waiverSF Drone School at a research facility, well if you’ve been attending the sUSB Expo the Silicon Valley Drone Show on the regular than you’ll realize there’s quite a bit of potential. From private security, optical systems testing, to life saving thermal imaging systems that combing EO/IR on sUAS platforms. A night waiver also allows for the testing of various lighting systems, from those used for entertainment to those used to aid in construction or emergency lighting for SAR and Utilities work.

SF Drone School is clearly set to be a leader in Silicon Valley in research and development for consumer and commercial drones. If you want to experience what Treasure Island has to offer Mr. Von Stein will be at the expo to answer your questions.

“We are looking forward to participating in the 2017 Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition and hosting the Field Day. Come on out to our open house and see what we are up to.” – Werner von Stein

SUSB Expo Field day will be open to the public to come by and see drone product demonstrations and network with other folks in the drone ecosystem.