SF Drone School Research Center Opens On Treasure Island

SF Drone School

The SF Drone School is not new, but the bolt on the Research Center is. Treasure Island has for a long time been the unofficial Silicon Valley drone proving grounds. Continuing in that tradition, Werner von Stein, Reiner Von Weber and I will work together to build out a repeatable validation process for testing and evaluating different systems, sub-systems, ancillary drone-related products and software.

“We are literally just trying to separate the fact from the fiction here,” According to Werner von Stein

This is another venture in a long line of components that is needed for the industry to grow. The drone community lacks legitimacy; not saying we have an honesty problem, but OEM et al. can make whatever claims they like without anyone confirming claims in an independent fashion. We hope that objective testing will help to build trust in the industry and possibly with the public in the long run. You’ll be able to read some of our findings right here at sUAS News.

SF Drone School and Research Center will be holding an open house on May 6th as part as the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition Field Day. OEM’s and vendors will be able to demonstrate their products and services cage free. If you are interested in demonstrating your product or service, restrictions do apply. Contact us for more information and rules for participation in the Field Day.

Of course, if you are in the area and are interested in training, testing, or just checking the place out, you can make an appointment by contacting [email protected]



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