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Wingcopter Partners with UAVenture to Deliver Complete VTOL Solution


Wingcopter, a German manufacturer of the fully autonomous Wingcopter tiltrotor VTOL and finalist in the 2017 Drones for Good competition, have partnered with UAVenture to deliver a complete UAS for professional applications with their commercial flight control platform, AirRails.

The Wingcopter is a universal all electric composite tiltrotor aircraft capable of carrying and operating a wide range of payloads. It’s ideal use-cases include search and rescue, monitoring, inspection, survey, mapping and delivery operations. Bundled together with the tablet-based AirRails ground control station the Wingcopter is easy to use for operators and can be seamlessly integrated into any workflow.

The Wingcopter partnership with UAVenture has demonstrated how a specialist in developing and producing state-of-the-art VTOLs such as the Wingcopter Tiltrotor can quickly integrate the AirRails flight control platform for a market ready solution in only a few weeks. The AirRails platform goes beyond pure flight control and management but all integrates payloads and payload control, flight data management and 3rd party connectivity.

The result of our combined efforts can be seen at the Drones for Good competition in Dubai this year where Wingcopter completed successfully a complex search and rescue demonstration with 3 Wingcopters plus a unique VTOL acrobatic demonstration.

UAVenture AG is based near Zurich, Switzerland, which has become known as the Silcon Valley of drones. Our focus is on the development of leading edge flight control software and related systems for the next generation of UAV systems.

While we are located in the centre of Europe our scope and customers across the globe making us a truly international business.

About UAVenture

We are a talented team with software engineering, mechanical engineering and flight control backgrounds. We have collectively accumulated many years industry experience building commercial grade software at companies such as Google and ETH Zurich. We have been intensively involved in the development of flight control systems and solutions over the last 6 years.

Our desire to deliver leading edge technology for next generation UAV systems is matched by our passion for airborne systems and keeps us driving forwards with innovative commercial solutions.

We are all strong believers in open source software and contribute actively to projects such as PX4 with a strong focus on Hybrid VTOL and flight control in general.

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