Lily drone and Snapchat?

Lily drone and Snapchat?

Really!!? Biz Carson on Business Intelligence suggests that Evan Speigel has spoken with Lily Robotics.

“Snap Inc. has talked with Berkeley-based drone company, Lily Robotics, over the last few months. No deal is on the table, according to multiple people familiar with the matter, but that doesn’t mean it’s ruled out in the future either.”

What would Snap Inc do about the 60,000 folks that put money down in pre-orders for the yet to be launched Lily Drone if Snap Inc bought into Lily Robotics?

The Lily drone, just like the GoPro Karma was made instantly obsolete by the DJI Mavic. Lily looked good two years ago, again just like the Karma.

Drone years are like dog years. Much happens in a short time. Folks complain that DJI releases new stuff too fast, they just pedal hard to stay ahead.

Lily should do the honourable thing just like Helen Greiner and iRobot did with the LVL1. Incendently one of the few genuinely innovative Kickstarter. Pay the money back Lily Robotics.

Pay the money back Lily Robotics.

Oh wait no, you have VC investors to worry about as well.

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