Bye bye Helen Greiner’s CyPhy (LVL1)

Kickstarter backers of Helen Greiner of Roomba fame, CyPhy LVL1 multirotor have received emails advising them of refunds and notification that the platform will not be coming to market.

A very great shame as it showed very great promise. Like the Yuneec Typhon H its a hexacopter so there is some safety right there. The clever engine mounts made it not require a gimbal.

The Kickstarter goal of $250k was beaten to the tune of $882k.

Personally I really wanted this one to work. From a sensible company that have actually done the right thing by their backers. As it started to look like they couldn’t deliver they pulled out.

So well done them for that.

Don’t worry if you still want to have a crack at making one yourself James Cotton from Taulabs can tell you how.

peabody lvl1

This is the very board that was going into CyPhy.