The GRIFF 300 is unique in the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) market, combining unique aviation authority certification, unrivaled lifting capacity (ten times that of other systems on the market) and a long flight time.

It’s fully customizable payload options make it perfect for a host of professional applications, from Law Enforcement to Search And Rescue operations. It is the first drone on sale to the civilian professional market that has been certified by both the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the top aircraft certification authorities in Europe and the USA.

Amazingly for a craft its size, the GRIFF 300 series can lift 225kg (496lbs) in addition to its own 75kg (165lbs) weight. It also boasts an impressive flight time of 30-45mins, depending on payload.


GRIFF Aviation is headquartered in Norway. The people behind the company have decades of experience in aviation, film production, and product development. CEO of GRIFF Aviation, Leif Johan Holland, has more than 20 years’ experience in professional aerial filming techniques. He said: ‘We knew from early on that safety is absolutely paramount for both the aviation industry and our potential, professional customers. For that reason, we were determined to attain international aviation certification, which we have done.

‘As a result, I am proud to say that we are the first company in the world to be selling certified drones to the professional market. This will open up new opportunities globally in a very demanding sector.’

This stringent certification, combined with the extreme capabilities of the GRIFF 300, has resulted in a UAS system that can perform the most demanding professional missions with a safety standard unseen in the industry to date. The risk to people and property has been drastically reduced.


The official launch of the GRIFF 300 saw Norwegian state television, customers, partners and the public watch the culmination of more than two years’ work. But as impressive and unique as the GRIFF 300’s capabilities are, GRIFF Aviation has its sights set on starting a revolution in the industry.

Mr. Holand explained before the event: ‘We have worked around the clock for two years on this project, and now we are finally ready to launch and demonstrate the GRIFF 300. But this is just the first in a series. The next model that will be produced will be able to lift 800kg (1,764lbs). Then we will continue to increase lifting capacity even further. This is the start of a revolution in aviation.’


GRIFF Aviation has its roots in film company Magic Air, the only full-time aerial film crew in Norway. They wanted to build a drone that would set the company truly apart from the competition internationally. However, during development, it soon became clear that the potential uses of such a drone would have a host of uses outside of the film industry.

As a result, Magic Innovation was established in early 2016 to specifically develop the drone technology, receiving support from Innovation Norway and Sykkylven Business Development. Now the UAS systems are being sold under the brand GRIFF Aviation.

Mr Holand said: ‘We quickly saw the product would be able to have a life of its own, but we are not competing with helicopter transport companies. We’re aiming at a professional market where the drones can be used by helicopter companies, the emergency services, the agricultural sector, as well as research and government agencies such as Statnett (responsible for the Norwegian power grid), the NVE (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) and the NGU (Norwegian Geological Survey).


The reaction the GRIFF Aviation team has received from potential clients and other interested parties from around the world has been only positive. Mr. Holand said: ‘Over the past two years, we have visited a number of potential customers, suppliers and trade fairs in Asia, USA, and Europe.
Subcontractors, friends of the project, not to mention professionals with 30-to-40 years in the aviation industry, have uniformly given us the thumbs up.’


The GRIFF 300 is easy to transport, assemble and operate. There is also great emphasis on the ease of interaction between the person piloting the drone and its control systems. Mr. Holand said: ‘Our aim is to give our customers an optimal user interface, either controlling a drone from a fixed or a mobile ground station. If the customer wishes, they can use a helicopter cockpit or a captain’s chair, with full view of the map, telemetry, and video feed. We can design, manufacture and install everything.’


GRIFF Aviation’s drones run on electricity, using the latest in battery technology. Compared with helicopters, a GRIFF Aviation drone is much quieter. Such incredibly low noise pollution makes it the perfect choice for applications in protected areas such as national parks. ‘The timing is right for us, with the demand created by new job locations, together with the need for environmentally friendly solutions,’ said Mr. Holand.


The name GRIFF Aviation has its origins in the mythical creature, the griffin, which combined the strengths and qualities of an eagle and a lion. For thousands of years, griffins have been used to symbolize strength, vigilance, and protection. Mr. Holand said: ‘We are building a brand and an independent company tied to the unique characteristics of the drones. It has a Norwegian affiliation also, with a contemporary look that appeals to a diverse, professional market.

‘The name GRIFF Aviation, which emphasizes our aviation-standard qualities and practices, as well as the strength and capabilities of our products, suits us perfectly.’

By Press