DJI Mavic release video 2 hours before launch

There was some sort of chat thing in America last night between two grandparents. The drone world has been far more excited about something else.

Got to hand it to DJI. They are getting far more mileage for the Mavic launch than GoPro managed for Karma. The interest in Mavic is huge we are seeing 4 to 1 page views. For every person looking at one of our Karma pages four are looking at Mavic.

DJI have nailed this launch, just enough leaks at just the right time.

So four miles range and 27 minutes flight time. That might be inverting GoPro execs smiles.

As I type its one and a half hours until the party…

Loretta Alkalay will be there and is going to fly Mavic. We will talk about it later on our YouTube channel (2100 GMT)