Cambridgeshire resident unhappy with Amazon Prime Air

The BBC might be reporting a touch of NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard). It underlines the sort of problems delivery drones will face.

People claim airspace sovereignty over their favourite bit.

Julia Napier, secretary of Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke said she was “absolutely horrified”.

“People walk here to find peace, the idea that drones can be whizzing over their heads, delivering parcels to people who cannot wait more than two days, who must have the new thing… means more noise in the countryside.”

At Farnborough 2016 Lauren Kisser, Director of Amazon Prime Air was supremely disappointing with her presentation. Kirsten Kish Corporate Communications for Prime Air told me at Farnborough that they are only testing indoors. We will see if that’s true eventually.

I filmed Laurens talk but it really does not warrant adding to our YouTube channel. As I slowly get over my sorrow I will write up what happened and perhaps add the audio to Soundcloud. None of it will surprise sUAS News readers.

To say it was a Silicon Valley view of the world was an understatement.


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