Senseable announces a new bare bone sensory device for drones

Senseable announces a new bare bone sensory device for drones

Senseable, a small danish drone technology developing company, is pleased to announce a new product for remote sensing and monitoring. During development, the unit was called the dropship, named because of it’s ability to be delivered by drone (dropped or put down). The Dropship can be equipped with a large range og sensors to measure air quality, seismic activity, noise levels, micro plastic concentrations, temperature, pressure and a whole lot more.

The Dropship is delivered to remote locations that’s hard to reach or were a low level of intrusion is demanded, using drones, and when the time comes to collect the data, a drone is able to download data from the Dropship at a distance of 1 mile.

The Dropship is a great tool for monitoring the environment, wildlife or gather geological data in remote locations.

Senseable CEO Jesper Andersen said, “At Senseable we like to explore the possibilities and different aspects of merging sensor and drone technology in new ways. The dropship has a lot of potential and while the first prototypes are being tested, a new and even more exciting feature-set is being developed for the next version. The dropship is a typical Senseable project where a rapid prototyping technology has been used to develop the product in record time.”

About Senseable

Senseable has computer vision, sensor integration and autonomous flight as a part of their core competences while developing drone technology. Founded only a few years back, the company is still new and agile in choosing and working with different technologies.

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