Vanguard by Airborne Drones

The Airborne VANGUARD is ‘next best thing’ in high endurance multi-rotor aircraft systems, based on the reliable Airborne SENTINEL+. The Airborne VANGUARD is a modular unmanned aircraft system (UAS) offering multi-payload support whilst combining reliable technology with tried-and-tested engineering. This enables the Airborne VANGUARDsystem to meet a wide variety of applications and the design needs of the user.

The VANGUARD supports detachable arms for simple and compact storage in a rugged Aluminium Carry Case, allowing the drone to become fully deployed and stored in under a minute. In addition, the VANGUARD supports a straightforward on-the-field arm replacement capability without requiring repair assistance.

The platform is provided with a 50V (12s) Power Pack  allowing the system to achieve an impressive flight time of 90 minutes. The frame is designed to support X4 and X8 configurations with tri-blade propellers. The flight efficiency of this system comes from the large prop and low KV motors that provide a steady flight in moderate winds and heavy lifting.


MAX operational flight time (with payload 2 kg): ± 90 min
MAX range (Endurance based on a 18 m/s speed): ± 55 Km
MAX forward speed: 18 m/s
MAX climb rate: 5 m/s
MAX descent rate: 2.5 m/s
MAX operational altitude: (ASL) ± 4500 m
MAX range (Radio): 35 km
MAX operating wind speed:  ± 40 km/h / 22 knots
MAX operating temperature:  +50 °C
MIN operating temperature:  -10 °C


Weight RTF ex LiPo:   3.5 kg
Weight RTF inc LiPo:   8.5 kg
Weight MAX Payload:   2.0 kg
Weight MAX AUW: 10.5 kg


Dimensions deployed (L x W x H; mm): 835L x 835W x 350H
Dimensions stored (L x W x H; mm): 540L x 300W x 340H
Diagonal length: 1180 mm