Thursday, October 21, 2021

Geoinspect UAS LiDAR demonstrates sub 5 cm accuracy

Get the data you need within days

  • Base your decisions on accurate, near real-time data
  • Safe & reliable: compliant with local rules & regulations
  • Save time, save money
  • Mapping made easy

Whether you need detailed information on stockpile volumes, mining sites, archaeology sites, natural resources or construction sites, our team is experienced and fully equipped to provide professional and reliable aerial data. With the use of drones we carry out such mapping tasks infinitely more efficient than traditional methods can ever achieve. From that imagery we create accurate and timely mosaics and models, ready to implement and use in any GIS project.

We put imaging data into action
Capturing high quality images and georeferenced points is one thing. Turning them into the real-time, ready to use data to your needs is another. Luckily, that is exactly what we love to do. Without the need for conversions or additional software we deliver:
accurate and timely mosaics,
digital surface models,
precise and timely maps for construction or archaeology sites,
index maps such as NDVI from multi-spectral images for the agricultural sector,
any other GIS solutions.

Industrial inspections in a breeze with photogrammetry, video or LiDAR
Regular inspections of installations such as wind turbines, energy plants, pipe lines and other industrial sites are imperative. Size and structure often make surveys from the air with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) the logical choice. We suit the need of any inspection project with photogrammetry, video or LiDAR.

Save time, save money
UAV cuts down delivery time and project costs. We can cover ten to fifteen hectares and collect millions of data points per day. This way, you’ll be able to base your decisions on accurate data in no time: the first results will be ready for you within days. Lead times for bigger projects can be cut down from months to weeks. Quick turnaround whenever chosen parameters turn out to be not a hundred percent on par.

Professional and reliable
GeoInspect complies with local rules and regulations within EU countries and is fully insured. If we don’t have a permit, we won’t offer our services or will find a solution with you.
We only employ professional pilots and the best technical professionals in the industry.