Monday, October 25, 2021

nEUROn UCAV flies at Istres air show

Le 20 mars 2014, Dassault Aviation a organisé un vol en patrouille du nEUROn avec un Rafale et un Falcon 7X. C’est la première fois au monde qu’un drone de combat effectue un vol en formation avec d’autres appareils, en l’occurrence un avion d’affaires et un avion de combat. L’ensemble de l’opération a duré 1 h 50 mn et a emmené la patrouille au-dessus de la Méditerranée sur plusieurs centaines de kilomètres. Un tel vol est très complexe à organiser : pour chacune des figures à enchaîner, il faut que se retrouvent dans un même espace de travail, au même moment, des aéronefs venant de points d’attente distincts et affichant des performances de vol différentes. Pour plus d’informations : Communiqué de presse Dassault Aviation

French manufacturer Dassault achieved an air show world first today when its nEUROn unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator was presented in flight today at an air meet at Istres organized by the French Air Force making it the first time in world aeronautical history that a stealth aircraft controlled from the ground has flown in public.

The event – which was prepared by teams from Dassault Aviation, along with the French defense procurement agency DGA and the French Air Force – was able to take place thanks to the reliability and safety demonstrated by the nEUROn since the start of testing in 2012, the Bordeaux-based manufacturer said.The display, which was carried out by the Dassault Aviation flight test centre, lasted about 15 minutes. After takeoff, the nEUROn was joined by a Rafale and a Falcon 8X, all three aircraft are manufactured by Dassault.“This formation of three aircraft illustrates the technological expertise necessary for tomorrow’s aeronautical projects. It also contributes to the centennial celebrations of our Group, which has been designing, building and supporting civil and military aircraft since 1916,” said Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier.

The three aircraft flew past in formation at an altitude of 150 meters above the Istres runway at 350 km/h, less than 400 meters from thousands of spectators. This flying display, in a limited airspace, represents a real achievement, both technically and in terms of flying skills.

In March 2014, the nEUROn became the world’s first unmanned combat air vehicle to fly in formation with other aircraft (a Rafale and a Falcon 7X)