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Unmanned Safety Institute UAS Training coming to Nevada’s GRADD Innovation Campus


Las Vegas, NV- The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) announced today that it will begin offering its unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, aka “drones”) safety training and certification programs at the Global Robot And Drone Deployment (GRADD) Innovation Campus in Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the arrangement, USI will run its full catalog of courses at GRADD facilities and collaborate with GRADD and its partners to identify and develop new training and research initiatives.

The announcement comes on the heels of the Federal Administration Aviation’s (FAA) long awaited proposal for rules that govern the commercial use of UAS that was announced on February 15th and stresses the need for training and reemphasized a focus on safety.

As commercial UAS operations become more prevalent in the US, the need for credible operator safety training programs has never been higher,” said Brandon Blackburn, USI’s Executive Director. “GRADD has a passion for education and R&D and we are thrilled to work with them to expand our offerings and USI’s footprint.”

In addition to safety courses and certifications, USI also offers training on specific systems and scenarios, tailored to different industry’s unique objectives. GRADD Innovation Campus is poised to become the worldwide center for education, research, testing, development, assembly, and manufacturing of unmanned systems.

Nevada is a FAA designated UAS test site, and GRADD plans to work closely with Nevada to utilize its test sites. In addition, to further enhance USI’s offerings, GRADD is in the process of setting up indoor testing in buildings, providing natural obstacles, as well as outdoor testing environments in netted areas.

We are very excited about our new alliance with USI, and look forward to working together to provide the industry with some of the best training, education, and certification programs that are a necessary requirement for the safe integration of unmanned systems into the National Airspace System (NAS). It is our goal at GRADD to a develop a strong ecosystem where operators of all types of unmanned platforms can test, evaluate, and develop solutions for various applications, from filming, to precision agriculture, to structural inspections, to firefighting, and law enforcement”, said Reza Karamooz, GRADD President & CEO.

About USI

The Unmanned Safety Institute is a professional training organization for UAS operators and proponents focused on improving safety in UAS operations through the adoption and modification of time-honored aviation safety and training practices. In addition to training, USI also provides flight-testing and R&D, safety audits, and FAA waiver application support. USI is also the UAS safety training provider of choice for the Global Aerospace SM4 Safety Initiative, a leading aviation safety and risk management partnership with Global Aerospace.

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GRADD Innovation Campus is an innovation center for research, development, testing, assembly, and manufacture for the unmanned systems/robotics industry. GRADD will also provide incubation opportunities to start-ups, and assist with bringing together government, academia, and industry, in order to fast-track the development of commercial and military applications in this exciting industry.

GRADD has started operations at its Innovation Campus in Las Vegas, and plans to offer programs at satellite locations in Reno, and other cities in Nevada. The GRADD Innovation Campus will become home to some of the best unmanned systems education and training offerings in America.

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