Ryptide:- Lifesaver drone


Ryptide is a life saving drone accessory that can carry an automatically inflating life ring to a swimmer in distress in less than 30 seconds.

The system can be attached to any drone capable of carrying a GoPro camera and brushless gimbal, including the uber popular DJI Phantom.

The device weighs less than 420 grams, and attaches to a drone in seconds. It’s triggered from the RC transmitter, and several models have been developed, including one with an FPV Camera that can drop up to 4 life rings.

The system was developed by Flying Robots LLC and students from the King Low Heywood Thomas school of Stamford, CT.

We think that Public Safety may contribute to public acceptance of drones.

The price of this device will start at $99 for the most basic model (for the Phantom) and will be offered for sale on Kickstarter in January 2015.