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Is this the new DJI Inspire 1??


The skeleton of the new DJI Inspire 1?

We receive a glimpse of the potential Phantom replacement in a video released today. Perhaps out in time for Christmas and up against the Parrot Bebop. The internet is currently naming the Inspire 1 as a video link, controller, flying wing or quad!

Inspire 1 OFFICIAL Teaser – “Defy” from DJI on Vimeo.
Earlier this year DJI filed this patent

Systems, devices, and methods for a transformable aerial vehicle are provided. In one aspect, a transformable aerial vehicle includes: a central body and at least two transformable frames assemblies respectively disposed on the central body, each of the at least two transformable frame assemblies having a proximal portion pivotally coupled to the central body and a distal portion; an actuation assembly mounted on the central body and configured to pivot the at least two frame assemblies to a plurality of different vertical angles relative to the central body; and a plurality of propulsion units mounted on the at least two transformable frame assemblies and operable to move the transformable aerial vehicle.

sUAS News has been invited to the launch party on the 12th in San Francisco we will be sure to send the word out.

Nothing unexpected on the radio front here

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