The next AUVSI Executive Vice President ??

This position has recently become vacant and represents an opportunity to either install an individual with years of empirical experience in many facets of the technology and its applications or an unknown quantity. Time is of the essence as the association’s two Executive positions are vacant or soon to be vacant.

The commercial sector is emerging to be the dominant driver in the unmanned technologies sector, and we are at an irrefutable crossroads in both goals and leadership as this community is ready for action. Many believe that we can hardly afford a “coming up to speed” transition period of six months to a year for a new hire to address the pressing issues and work that needs attention now.

This is the very reason I have applied for the Executive VP position. There are few candidates that can match my qualification and overall understanding of the issues facing the unmanned systems community. (Resume1-PEresume10-14clean )

In addition to the current workload, I believe we as a community need strong leadership that will focus on the following:

1. Business advocacy

2. A civilian technology focused message

3. Regulatory accountability

4. Global harmonization

5. Membership building (over 10,000), open and inclusive association for all

6. Self-regulation through community-based standards

7. Special rule for Micro UAS (< 4 pounds and frangible)

I propose to take up the challenge for a 20% discount (salary and bonuses paid currently for the position), to the membership. It is that important, and if I cannot or am unable to achieve any tangible results in a four-year term, I will resign the position.

True, this is an unconventional appeal, but bold ideas leadership and unconventional measures cannot be discounted as this community has waited patiently for the last seven years for convention to bear fruit. Sadly, we as a business community have suffered instead of prospered. We have must move away from the negativity and controversies associated with the Washington D.C. model and evolve into a more publically amenable Silicon Valley example.

We are at a crossroads where we can have a say in our future. It is up to the membership and community to decide if we should stay the course for more years of government contract focus or chose leadership that enables the viable business potential. Let the leadership know that you are ready for a fresh proactive and dynamic approach.

Please email or call

Michael Toscano

President & CEO


[email protected]


John Lademan

Chairman of the Board

[email protected]

Thank you for your support, Patrick Egan

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