UMS Group Demonstrate UAS in Uruguay

UMS Group Demonstrate UAS in Uruguay


The Swiss/Swedish based Unmanned System developer and manufacturer, UMS Group AG, demonstrate their tactical fixed wing UAS, the F-330 to a delegation of over 60 VIPs including the Minister of Defence, in Uruguay.

October was a historic month in Uruguay as UMS Group comprehensively demonstrated their F-330 capability, making them the first ever European UAS provider to fly an Unmanned System in the country.

UMS Group was working alongside their established partner, Uruguayan Aerospace and Logistics (UAL) and participated in two separate demanding flight demonstrations/trials. The first was held on the outskirts of the Santa Terresa Army base in the north of the country.

The VIP list included the Minister of Defence, several high-ranking Officers from across the Military, experts from the world of agriculture and a selection of the country’s national media.

The 2-hour flight showcased the tactical UAS’s ability to carry out several roles, including Convoy Support, Route Surveillance, Direct Support and several civil applications including airborne Police support and Agricultural surveillance/monitoring.