Woman that attacked man over multirotor flight faces charges


Going viral on the webosphere the tale of Andrea Mears, 23 of Connecticut. Andrea didn’t like the fact that a multirotor was being flown over the beach and took it into her own hands to stop the flight whilst setting the operator up for a much more serious charge. Luckily he was recording events.

Mears is shown knocking over the man and telling him to “stop, stop” while on the phone to the police.

“This guy is taking pictures and trying to upload them from a camera,” Mears can be heard saying.

As the man attempts to pack up his belongings, Mears strikes, pushing him to the ground and ripping his shirt.

The man can be heard yelling, “You’re assaulting me,” before Mears calls him a “pervert” and grabbing at his hair.

What has shocked me the most is that somebody born on 1991 is 23! As the saying goes I have T shirts older than that.