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RECON; “Ready For Service” PMG Multi-Rotors Introduces Professional-Grade Quad-Copter


PMG Multi-Rotors has released a new professional-grade “Ready-For-Service” quad-copter. RECON is a Quad Multi-Rotor UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) designed to suit the needs of advanced enthusiast’s and various professionals alike. High torque motors and responsive ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers) are the key features to the multi-rotors agile capabilities and efficient endurance. With impressive lifting power and an astounding max hover time of more than 50 minutes, Recon can perform long-range missions and time sensitive tasks.

The RECON’s extraordinary capabilities and fortitude makes it the perfect choice for search and rescue, law enforcement, action sports filming, agricultures assessment, disaster management, perimeter surveillance, infrastructure inspection, and many other critical applications.

A high tech company based out of Southern California, PMG Multi-Rotors designs and manufactures purpose built commercial-grade aerial solutions outfitted with various video/photo camera equipment options as well as advanced camera stabilization systems.

We have designed a terrific platform for any agency to utilize the RECON professional-grade quad-copter and advanced their department’s capabilities,” stated PMG Multi-Rotors CEO, Ryan Busnardo. “Drones, and Unmanned Aerial Systems like our RECON are low cost aerial solutions capable of deploying state-of-the-art cameras and requires little training to safely operate. With the RECON, your department can fight crime more efficiently and faster by providing officers with a bird’s eye view to acquire enhanced information and form heightened decisions. Our high quality, extremely durable multi-rotor platforms are precision made and completely portable.”

Equipped with detachable arms and a folding GPS mount, Recon is super compact. The low profile design is easily broken down to be stored away with all the gear into a small case for extreme portability. Setup time from case to “Ready-For-Service” is less than 3 minutes and does not require any tools. Complete all-in-one snap in arm assemblies permit you to get in the air quickly.

Your RECON can be built and outfitted with necessary equipment & accessories for any specific applications. PMG Multi-Rotors manufactures high quality and reliable products for professionals. We stand behind our products with limited lifetime warranties and provide quality support programs to field and assist both large and small customers. Please contact PMG Multi-Rotors Directly for more information.

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