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Flying Donkey Challenge & Conference

Amazon made the news with its Prime Air unmanned delivery service. Do they have serious plans or was this just a clever free publicity stunt before the end of year e-shopping binge? The Flying Donkey Challenge is a forum that plans to attract, and reward, the finest teams to actually tackle the technological, legal, logistical and design challenges of flying-parcel carriers on a massive scale.

The best place to launch commercial aerial delivery services is in Africa.

Africa has a population that will double by 2050, the fastest growing economies, infrastructure deficit, flexible regulatory environment, technology leapfrogging ready and has plenty of air bandwidth!

Solutions proven in Africa will be replicated in other areas. Designed for Africa – Sold Worldwide. To learn more and to apply for a flying robotic (ad)venture visit

The Flying Donkey Challenge,NRT 8-13 November 2014

The Flying Donkey Challenge is an escalating series of sub-challenges held annually in Africa. World-leading roboticists, engineers, regulators, entrepreneurs, logisticians, and designers will win substantial grants by advancing the safety, durability, legality, profitability and friendliness of air cargo robots.

Before 2020, with world media attention, the sub-challenges will culminate in a race of Flying Donkeys* around Mount Kenya in under 24 hours, delivering and collecting 20 kilo payloads along the way. The winner(s) will collect a multi-million dollar prize.

*cargo robots with a maximum take-off weight of 60 kilos.

2014 Sub-Challenges – Application Form – Rules

The Flying Donkey Conference, Nairobi 14-15 November 2014

The Flying Donkey Conference will present, discuss and reward the best solutions related to the legal, logistical and design aspects of implementing reliable, profitable and scalable Flying Donkey services in Africa as soon as possible.

Who Should Participate:

  • ·        World-leading researchers, inventors and suppliers of pilotless systems
  • ·        Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) industry
  • ·        Operators of delivery services (post, courier, logistics, e-commerce)
  • ·        Representatives of government authorities (legal, regulatory, certification, licensing, data protection & privacy)
  • ·        Insurance and safety specialists
  • ·        Rural, urban and transportation planners
  • ·        Unmanned product and service designers
  • ·        Supporters and sponsors
  • ·        Media


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