Bluetooth GCS bridge on Kickstarter


A very useful Kickstarter from Event38, if you have ever pulled the USB cable out or your telemetry link in flight you will know why. Putting the data link radio at the end of a stick will also increase your useful range. Best of luck Jeff!

Bluetooth Bridge creates a seamless link for connecting tablet and smartphone based ground stations to ArduPilot-based drones.

The Bluetooth Telemetry Bridge is a portable device that allows you to use your tablet or smartphone as a ground station for your ArduPilot Mega powered vehicles.

Many tablets and smartphones don’t have a full size USB connector, requiring an adapter to even plug in a telemetry radio. Even then, the radio is left dangling from your otherwise sleek ground station… Not a very good solution. The Bridge is an easy to use device that you just power on and set down when you’re ready to fly. It has a built-in battery so no cables or other devices are needed. Since it’s a separate device, it can be placed in an ideal spot for radio reception as well.